vision, mission, core values

vision statement

NCF exists to GROW UP in the gospel in order to GO OUT with the  gospel through members that flourish Queens, New York City, the World and the Next Generation by:

  1. Displaying their primary allegiance to Jesus 

  2. Cultivating genuine relationships within their social networks (OIKOS) to share Jesus

  3. Wisely engaging the culture to promote an informed and inviting community of Jesus

missions statement

The mission of NCF is to mature and equip Christians to be ministers to:

  1. God

  2. Family

  3. Church

  4. Work

  5. Broken, Forgotten, and Forsaken (BFF)

core values

  1. The Holy Scriptures

  2. GROW UP (Spiritual Growth)

  3. The OIKOS Principle (Evangelism)

  4. M.E.T.S. (Every Member Ministry)

  5. Worldview Engagement (Sex, Race, Politics, Common Good)

  6. Mercy Ministry (Ministering to the Poor)

  7. City Movement (Collaborative Partnerships)

The Goal of the church is to transform people into the character and image of Christ...Are people being changed in their attitudes and actions so that they are in obedience to Christ? Christ states that obedience, not emotions or experience, measures the love people have for him (John 14:21). This obedience is summed up by two commands--love God and love others (Matthew 22:37-40). ~Glenn C. Daman