worship Ministry teams

This is the priestly function of the church. We are to be the priestly people of God by offering sacrifices of praise, confession and prayers while at the same time receiving the priestly instruction of the Word of God.

Ministry teams:

  • Praise Team
  • Sunday Operations Team
  • Welcoming Team

Praise Team

Contact: praise@nyncf.org

The goal of the NCF praise team is to help our congregation see who God is and experience Him through our Sunday worship service. It is a great privilege to serve God and His church using the musical talents and gifts He has given us to further reveal God’s nature, character, and promises. Through this team, we hope to humbly bring God the praise that He fully deserves in response to what Christ has done for us.

Sunday Operations Team

Contact: sop@nyncf.org

Our goal is to take away the distractions that might detract for our worship service. We collect offering, clean and tidy the sanctuary before and after service and we handle many of the background activities that take place each Sunday. We also prepare for special events such as baptisms, membership ceremonies and communion.

welcoming team

Contact: welcoming@nyncf.org

We strive to warmly welcome and get to know both visitors and congregants. We also take attendance, have regular welcoming parties for newcomers and we follow up with visitors and new attendees to help them find their place in our community.