Serving is a natural way to express your care for others and the Church. At NCF we hope that you will use your gifts and abilities to serve others, however, we ask that before jumping right into serving others, we hope you will spend some time and come and worship with us.  

After you've settled in and had a chance to get to know some of us and who we are, we welcome you to take our membership class (Christianity 101) and get acquainted with the different ministries you can serve with, perhaps even talking with members of different teams, before committing to anything. Taking a spiritual gifts assessment can help find a role that would suit where you are in life.

Spiritual Gifts and Ministry Teams

The Bible states that we are to GROW UP in the gospel so that we can be like Jesus Christ. The Bible describes who Christ was as a Prophet, Priest and The King. This is known as the 3-fold office of Christ. From this we conclude that part of what it means to be like Christ is to be a prophet, a priest and a king.

These 3 categories of Christ’s office correlates with the 3 fold purposes of the church: worship-priest, nurture-king and outreach-prophetic. God calls all churches to do 3 things: 1) worship God; 2) build up the body of Christ; 3) reach out to the non-Christian world through works of evangelism/missions and mercy/justice.

Therefore all the “ministries” of the church should either facilitate or support the facilitation of the 3 purposes of the church of worshiping God, building up believers, and reaching out to non-believers.

But before listing out which ministry fits into which ministry purpose, it is crucial to better understand these 3 purposes of the church.

  1. Worship: This is the priestly function of the church. We are to be the priestly people of God by offering sacrifices of praise, confession and prayers while at the same time receiving the priestly instruction of the Word of God.
  2. Nurture/build up: This is the kingly function of the church. Just as King has responsibilities to the members of his kingdom, so also the church has a responsibility to its own members. We offer administrative support, leadership support, programs that provide the overall spiritual well-being of our members for greater unity as a king provides the overall physical and financial well-being of his citizens for a unified society.
  3. Reach out: This is the prophetic function of the church. Just as the prophets proclaimed the word of God to pagan nations (Isaiah, Jonah, Obadiah, Jeremiah) so also the church is to proclaim the word of God to the outside world through the various ministries of the church.
  • WorShip


    The Adore Ministry teams are primarily concerned with leading, facilitating and supporting the Corporate Worship service on Sundays. This team is made up with a wide variety of responsibilities that require a wide variety of gifts.

    Ministry teams:

    • Praise Team
    • Sunday Operations Team
    • Welcoming



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