NURTURE Ministry Teams

This is the kingly function of the church. Just as King has responsibilities to the members of his kingdom, so also the church has a responsibility to its own members. We offer administrative support, leadership support, programs that provide the overall spiritual well-being of our members for greater unity as a king provides the overall physical and financial well-being of his citizens for a unified society.

Ministry teams:

  • Deacon Board
  • Community Groups
  • Children and Toddler Ministries
  • College and Young Adult Committee (CAYAC)
  • Mercy Team
  • Communications Team
  • Hungry Team
  • Finance Team

COMMUNITY Group Leaders


Community group leaders are an integral part of the ministry at NCF. A primary purpose of Community groups is to help foster and develop Christian friendships for the purpose of growing close to God together, understanding the Word of God from different perspectives and to keep one another accountable. Leaders should be mature Christians who are capable of building deep Biblical friendships with their members, facilitate discussions based on the last week's Sermon or Bible study material and most importantly, to pray for your members.

Children and Toddlers Ministry Team


This past year we've continued to provide child care, and bible lessons in children's min, in order to support NCF families. Parents are able to worship and their children are cared for by volunteer teachers. 

In 2016, we will be continuing with the same goal. Additionally praying to foster further growth, spiritually and socially. We want our families, especially our kids, to love church!

College and Young Adult Committee


The College and Young Adults Committee (CAYAC) is a recently formed relational ministry team that focuses on college students and recent young graduates. Our primary mission is to help them to grow into godly young men and women just as 1 Timothy 4:12 states.

Mercy Team


The Mercy Team seeks to mobilize volunteer and financial resources of New Creation Fellowship to serve individuals and communities in need with the saving, transforming love of Christ. 

Our current activities include outreach events for our surrounding neighborhood, fundraising for financial assistance for those in need, and maintenance of a Diaconate Fund.



The Hungry team serves food and refreshments every Sunday during fellowship. The team also supports other ministries also supports other ministries in this regard during their events.

Communications team


The communications team creates materials and presentations to convey the purpose, direction and events of New Creation Fellowship in various forms of media, including photography and video. The team is also responsible for the website and other multimedia outlets.

Finance team


The finance team dutifully accounts for NCF's offerings, budget and expenditures.