OIKOS is a New Testament word that means “household”: It refers to the network of relationships people have in various life contexts (home, school, work, neighborhood, etc.) that God has provided in which Christians can live out the gospel as witnesses.  At NCF our OIKOS ministry is comprised of both our Oikos Groups and Beacon ministry.

Oikos Group

Carol Kim | East Queens | Tuesday at 7:00 PM | clee315@gmail.com

Tony Chang | Long Island | Wednesday at 7:30 PM | tonyyschang@gmail.com

John Hyun | East Queens | Wednesday at 8 PM | johnhyun@nyncf.org

Hannah Song | Sisters Only | Thursday at 7:00 PM | hannah.song.319@gmail.com

Pastor James | Queens | Saturday at 4:30 PM | pastorjlee@nyncf.org

Tim Lee | St. John's Campus | Sunday at 1:30 PM | timbol30@gmail.com

Grace Chang | St. John’s Campus | Sunday at 1:30 PM | grrracelee@aol.com


Investigates and informs our congregation of local Christian organizations that serve the broken, forgotten and forsaken in New York City. The members of Beacon work closely with our Oikos Groups so that OG members and their POPs (Person of Peace) can participate in serving the needs of the city through these approved ministries.