Hello NCF Family,

Happy Thursday! Hopefully you've been having a week filled with a greater understanding of our heavenly Father's love. Hopefully we can see each other with joy this upcoming Sunday! Here are the announcements for this week:

  1. CAYAC SUMMER RETREAT (8/24-8/26): Please sign up ASAP so that we can plan more effectively for our retreat. We would love to have you experience the overflowing love of God with us! P.S. our goal is to not just experience a retreat high but have that intimacy flow into our daily lives! Click link to sign up. Sign Up for the Retreat Here!

  2. Hungry Team Returns! It's the moment we've all been waiting for! If you can help join in helping organize food fellowship for our church family from week to week, please email

  3. Children's Ministry Meeting. There will be a meeting for all the volunteers on July, 22nd after church! Save the date!

  4. Churchwide Ministry Team Meeting. If you are currently a part of a ministry team, please make sure to attend our church wide meeting for one of the dates (7/28/18, 10 to 12pm OR 7/29/18, 1 to 3pm)! Please RSVP by emailing if you have not already done so.

Grace & Peace,

NCF Admin