Hello NCF Family!

Hope everyone is having a thankful week! Let's remember to continue to be a representation of the gospel to those in our Oikos circle. Here are our announcements for this week:

  1. Valentine’s Day Dessert Party! Would you be our Valentine? Let’s show our love for our NCF family by bringing a dessert to share next Sunday, February 11th. Contact Leslie Sung if you're planning to bring a dessert. Thanks in advance! 

  2. 2017 Contribution Statement. If you would like to receive a copy of your 2017 contribution statement for tax purposes, please contact Yoomi Chang ( and make sure to include your legal name. If you're married but still need two separate contribution statements, please indicate that as well. 

  3. Online Giving. If you would like to take advantage of online giving, please set up your account at Please make sure to use the same email address where you normally receive emails from NCF. Thanks!

  4. Congregational Meeting. There will be a congregational meeting this Sunday, 2/11. Please mark your calendars now!

Grace & Peace,

Pastor James